Monday, August 20, 2012

Grandma here is TiReD.

I am no longer the only employed person in the house!  Marie started working on Saturday- night shift as a CNA 10pm till 6am.  I am glad she's working.  Not really enjoying the whole "baby doeesn't sleep thru the night" thing though.  I'm exhausted.  Last night was night one.  Saturday they had her work 2-10.  I'm paranoid over every single sound- trying to keep this child alive and un-smoothered you know.  He tends to like to cover his face with blankets.

Marie co-sleeps with him which drives me insane.  But I can't convince her it's not safe because she's already decided it is.  I, however, refuse to co-sleep with a squirmy baby so I made him a bed.  Ok.  It is a box.  Yes.  A box.  But it's big and roomy and I put padding on the bottom so it's comfy.  K and Marie said it looks like a dog bed.  I don't care.  It is safe and warm and he slept pretty well in there even if I didn't sleep well.  He squeaks a lot and makes other baby noises I'm not used to so just about every 15 minutes or so I found myself rushing from my bed to his um, I his bed to save him from choking, suffocating and crib deathing only to find him sound asleep and in no danger.  Between him actually waking for a bottle and diaper and me hearing things I haven't actually slept much at all. 

K got a job too.  It's not much, it doesn't pay shit.  But it's a j.o.b. and that's what he needs right now.  If he can physically do's a dishwasher position.  Part of the problem he has is that it has been so long since he's worked that even that is holding people back from hiring him.  Nevermind he had to recover from a major illness and all.  All they see is no employment from basically 2010 till now save for 2 months as a truck driver.

Nikki has discovered that her best friend in the whole wide world is throwing her out on the 1st- some friend huh?  The friend, friends sister and Nikki were supposed to share this 3 bedroom apartment with their various kids.  Best friend also moved her baby's father and his friend into the mix. Neighbor complained and somehow Nikki got voted off the island.  So.  Guess where she plans to come???  No. Don't guess.  I'll tell you - Here.  Yes.  To my 588 square foot apartment.  I looked up the square footage the other day.  It's less than I thought LOL.  Oh boy are we gonna be living like hillbillies or what? November 22 is the day my lease is up.  That's moving day.  God willing.

588 sqare feet.  Containing me, K, Marie, Jacob, Nikki, Jamie & a newborn who the hell knows what she's going to name him.  Depends on who the daddy is!!!  Oh yeah I said that too. We've got front row seats to a regular Maury Povich episode in the making.

Well I'm gonna get off this thing and go get on something else. 
TTFN :-)


AZ said...

There was a time when 588 square feet would house a family of 15, times they are a changin'.

Anonymous said...

What's going on Weeks? Anxious to hear how K is doing....