Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Time is ticking down!

I will have an overly full apartment very soon.  I'm filled with a mixture of anticipation and dread.  Probably 70/30.

OK.  Updates:

  The dishwasher job doesn't start yet... K got offered a job at a call center but the job K got was a scam.  He worked there a day and said it seemed very shady and over half of the people he spoke to on the phone said it was a scam flat out and hung up so he didn't go back.  He said something about this was for Internet ads.  The ones you click on and the folks they were calling were ones who had put in their phone numbers and then decided to back out or click the X out.  The ads saved the information and K's "job" was to call and offer them the product they clicked on for wayyyy cheaper than the Internet ad was selling it for.

He's now working asking people questions for taking surveys- the kind folks sign up for to get paid for taking surveys so it's not cold calling or anything.  He calls them and asks them a few questions to see if they will be offered the survey and if they answer the questions "right" they get to take the survey.  He said it sucks but it's a job.   The call center is as big as our bedroom and there are 8 cubicles in the middle of the room that's where he sits LOL.  This job is through a temp service so it's not permanent and it's part time.  It's also a lot closer being in Richardson TX as opposed to the scam job which was in Mesquite.  We live in Dallas right on the Carrollton/Addison TX boarder.

The job sucks for me because I have to let him drive to work and so I have to take the bus home and ride with all of the creepy bus people.   Thankfully it's only a short ride but I feel like such a loser standing by a bus stop LOL.

Jacob is doing well now that Grandma has given up getting him to sleep alone.  I couldn't take it anymore and so against my better judgement he is in bed with me on the  nights his Momma works.  I HATE that she started co-sleeping with him from birth as it makes it 10x harder on a caregiver (in this case Grandma) to deal with the child.  I roll blankets up and form a border around him so he can't be rolled over on and he can't roll out of it either but it leaves Grandpa and I hanging on the edges of our side of the bed trying to sleep. 

Nikki has done the same annoying back and forth discussing of her move her that Marie did and that she did before she came the last time.  First she has a ride, then she doesn't, then she does, then she doesn't then she maybe does again.  Rinse, lather, repeat.  K will go get her if he has to but we aren't trying to be all that easy since she needs to learn to sleep in the beds she makes.  She's due to have the baby soon.

And well that's all of my news.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my will certainly have a house full. Well, you do already. I don't think I could stand that for long, even though I love my kids to the moon and back. Too much closeness for too long equals a grouchy

Good Luck!