Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Work Sweet Work

Today is going to be a good day.  I have high hopes for it.  K is headed to the doc this morning for another blood pressure check, Marie and Jacob are going with so they can sign up for the medical program that Parkland offers so he can get his 4 month check up and stuff.  It's not the best medical care, IMO, but it's adequate and free for her since she isn't working yet.

Jacob is fussy, we think his ear is hurting him.  The last doc visit he had they said he was teething already and told us to watch for his ears since they can get infected from teething.  I've never heard that but what do I know?  I had babies 20+ years ago LOL.  I feel ancient when it comes to baby knowledge.  We have some homopathic ear drops we've used plus a little tylenol that seems to help him feel better but it will be nice if she can get him checked out today.  If not we will probably go to the ER just to make sure he's OK if he's not more like his happy self today.

It's been pretty nice so far having them with us.  I think K is getting on her nerves a bit but I also know she's PMSing and what man doesn't get on a woman's nerves when that happens LOL.  But she's not saying anything she knows what she signed up for.  We won't have a 2 bedroom apartment until November and until then we all must share the same space and that means going to bed early and getting up early as I do because I have to be able to work.  We are all in bed by 9-ish, willingly, as I am up making breakfast at 7:45 am.  Anyway it's been nice, she picks up the apartment and has been a real sweetheart having dinner ready about the time I come home.  I don't ask her to do that, she just does it and that is what is extra nice about it.

Work was slow on Sunday.  I threw my back out last Friday while filing and it was still kinked up on Sunday so I only managed 1/2 of a shift.  It's better now but I'm feeling the financial pinch from my lost hours already.  We do have a bit of a break coming soon, Marie applied for food stamps and was granted them so they are going to give her $398 a month until December (or till she finds a job) and that will definately help all of us out.  As of now I'm still the only one working.  They are both hard on the job hunt though.  I think she screwed herself by coming early and not finishing out her last couple of days at her previous job.  They put her down as terminated because of it.  Add to that her arm and neck tattoos and she isn't exactly the 1st person most companies out here will look to hire.  Her tattoos aren't offensive but they are BAM in your face on her arms and neck and I told her they'd cause her problems and not to do it but I'm not glad to be right about that.  Now she's seeing the hard way that I was right, this isn't podunk town where the job candidates are few, this is Dallas, where there are thousands of people looking for work.  I think she needs to cover them, I read that Sally Hansen spray on legs has been successful in covering some tattoos and so I think I'm going to buy her a can and see if she wants to give that a shot.

Well, I just got into work so I'd better get to it.  Talk to you soon!

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Anonymous said...

How's it going weeks? I hope things are going so well that you just haven't had time to talk to us!